Friday, 5 April 2013

How to attract the right kind of partner into your life?

How to attract the right kind of partner into your life?

Hey, howdy there.. so we have all been bad in some ways... I do not actually believe in those be-labored TOASTING that guys put themselves through. ONLY to be hammered with a NO,
chaiiii .. NO

I cant realy remember how many babes told me NO..
but am sure you can remember how many babes told you NO now *lol* ha haaaaa

ANyway not here to make jest or fun of you or show what player I was or was not.

And  for you ladies ... you know how NO comes  from a guy regardless of the way you look and dress...
some ladies even go to the point of  spending on a guy only for him to take your money, BREAK yourheart and marry your best friend *Gashhhhhh, that could be very painful you know.

NOW let me share a small SECRET with you...
The HOW TO ...... ATTRACT...

This is not an exhaustive list Oo, gat more .. but enjoy this first... see you on the other side...

1. Know who you are
2. Project who you wanna be or alrteady is
3. Appear accessible
4. Be conversible and do realy converse if you must///
5.Let there be a little mystery anout you, people should not be able to figure you out in so short a while.
6. Look and appear very very attractive physicaly
7. Have a personal signature and swagger about your person. When you show up people should recognize you are there without it looking as if you are the one who is trying so hard to gain attention from people.
8. Always be prepared to add value to people. Be looked upon as a beacon of hope
9. Be competent in a specific area of interest and well vast in other areas.
10. Be aware of general interest stories in the society *NOT GOSSIP PLS* as this will put you in a better / proper position to converse, gist and appear as an intelligent person.
11. Dress appropriately (it doesn't have to be very expensive) but let it be stylish and updated. You are bound to attract the right people.
12. Smile, laugh, have right postures, project valuable gestures become a beehive of pleasurable and Joyous mini-ni(don't know what word to use) so interprete well pls...

Make I stop here abeg... Tanx for reading.

Be-careful about those who cling to you or get attracted to you as a result of what you wear, the way you look and probably what you have. They might not have great intentions.
Maybe when we rePackage our lives we will attract the BEST... Its time to tweak, twist and TUNE...

Wish you a blast...

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  1. my oga u ar 2 much. Anyway as i read this, i say n
    o to
    ''no'' from ladies as from today.

    1. haaaaa, have you decided to be a Monk ni? lol