Tuesday, 26 March 2013

The State Pardon Saga...

How Healthy is this?
~I am not an expert on political matters or issues and political scientists will agree with me that the brand of politics being practiced in Nigeria is 'Naijaistic'
When we were ruled by the military we all shouted 'foul' and cried that we were all being treated as 'masses'. Well now we are the ones 'Governing' ourselves and not the military.
Our fathers, mothers, uncles, inlaw, cousins,nephew, Aunties or kinsmen.
Some of our parents were even in the military and now still in Agbadacious politics...
So, if we look CLOSELY there is someone you know who is close to someone close to you hence directly or indirectly you who knows... Maybe you too have profited from this Government.
Is it out of line?
YES, I know some of the people mentioned does not deserve Pardon? Is that what we believe?
How can someone who robbed this country, stole our money, ran away and was never prosecuted properly be pardoned?
Well, Wonder x5 till you turn to wonderer (Femi Kuti)
Guess we will never know and there is no point getting disoreinted with this...
Have we not witnessed more dramatic things?
So, for the fact that some was pardones mearnt they were guilty of something?
Bet we didn't know that Obasanjo,Awolowo, Ojukwu and some of our other great leaders were at one time pardoned too?
For me!! I believe TWO WRONGS do not make a right.
Oladipo Diya is being pardoned for planning to overthrow Sanni Abacha (the man the press labelled as wicked &evil)
So can we say his pardon is in order because he was punished for a good cause.
But them D. Alams, is also being pardoned.
Pardoned from what: Corruption?
Does this mean his pardon is in good order because he is a good role model to this Government?
Guess we will never know abi?
Let people be pardoned as it does not prevent the Judgment of God.
I also seek to be pardoned if this article is arrant nonsense and if it has wasted your time...
Time to practice Family Pardons too...
Call up your prodigal loved ones, time to forgive.

I got this from Paul Kayode Joash

A lot of noise about the recent presidential pardon of a former gov in Nigeria- who was clearly a criminal.
Not that I have any opinion whether he should be pardoned or not but it's interesting that the USA is fuming. Have you checked the list people pardoned by the last 3 American presidents namely Clinton, Bush and our very own Obama.
Lists include people convicted of cocaine trafficking & dealers, bank robbery, wire fraud, drug money laundering, aidin and abetting embezzlement of bank funds, car theft.
Presidential pardons are very controversial and sometimes look morally wrong but that's the allowance in the law. Maybe we push for the change of the law but before then this present pardon may look (or be) morally wrong but it's legal and America knows that too.
Just thinking...

Thanks for reading... [Banjo]

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