Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Clarifyiing your Expectations for 2013...

Without trying to spoil all the fun we all look forward to in 2013 because I know we have all prayed and believed God for the best in the following months  THE PROBLEM is just that SOME of us will NOT meet the TARGET or expectations we have for the coming years because we did not prepare for what we have prepared for or expect in 2013 back in 2012(its not too late to do that now).

Am sure I know I will NEVER be the Chilean president next year because am a Nigerian, the possibility of becoming a Chilean President is most likely one gazillion to zero times against me.

In a nut-shell its WISDOM to make REALISTIC EXPECTATIONS.

So, what's your plan and expectations for 2013?

My plans for Christmas was to have a very very low key Christmas celebrations at home with little or nothing but water to drink, then eat normal food (no special fries or delicacies) then seat by the Television with a note pad and inner nuclear family, and then just think, write and laugh.

. ...Of course my expectations would have been met to some extent by the time you are reading this.

I wanna wish you all the best.
But before you go I will ask you to check back soon as I would love you to download an important material from this blog.

I value your taking time out to be here..... stay close because I got some serious stuff on sex, romance and very heavy stuff I would like to share here soon....

Gooo and make progress in 2013.. SHINE MORE. to you soon. the way have you read my new book below? SMS 2348035752673 with your email address then leave the rest to us:

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