Friday, 11 January 2013

10 mistakes lady spouses make !!!

 10 mistakes lady spouses make that ruin their relationship with their partner...

~Leaving there male spouse
in the hands of another female to "take care of" it is wrong to directly blurt out to another female." Pls take care of of my darling for me"!!! What a license
~ Leaving there man uncared for sexualy at the excuse of a busy career,children or any of those other stuff ladies talk about except of course if you both agree on this
~Trusting there man, which is cool: but equally trusting ALL the aides, friends.. around him. Every great man fell on the laps of available female aid, so be interested in your husband's logistics with wisdom. Get to discuss issues & know those around him by name. Do all this subtly,gently,politely& with wisdom.(This is a very touchy issues so expedite with care)

~Thinking they can deal with their man effectivly through close markings: men can become worse when they feel trapped.

~Ladies think their most humble,sane looking & holy spouses don't like sexy looking lingeries in the bedroom. Dont believe evrything a man says in the public, he is something else in the bedroom.

~That the way to a man's heart is via his stomach (do some women still believe in this old fable), lailai.
The men this days love respect and all the romanticised pet names you can call them by.

~That male spouses love their women quiet in bed: very wrong. We want to hear you moan, giggle, have a dangerous sexy hint in your eyes etc.... (Pls keep all the school fees gist, your mother did this or that & simiar gists like this out of the work room, sorry I mearnt bed-room).

~That you are doing the man a favor by giving your children too much attention over him. Excuse US:
...but we were your first love and still your babies. Who told you men don't like being fork fed with diced watermellon while watching the late show?

~That men prefers to watch late night football or sports over being in the bed-room with them at night.
I laughhhhhh... men are babies: we are your babies...

As long as the man is sane, not on some drugs or something and you only got each other at home: plus the children are all in bed.... Then please 'Mrs' go drop 'em mammary glands on his knees as he watches the T.V, get a comfortable position on the couch near him, ...and just follow his cue. If he is the type that loves competition, choose the team he is rooting against but if he likes winning at all cost you better stay on his team and ohhh, awwww* hurrr then eeeyaaaa with him as the case maybe. Lock down your man any which way Oooo, there are willing mistresses out there!(Sharppp Up fast)

I got more to share... But let's make do with this ones for now:
Read it over and over until you can innovate some of the points and even develop new strategies of your own.

NB: ...when you copy this kindly quote where you got it from.

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