Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Ways to kiss your spouse right...

Relationships and especially marriage suffer and go through eventual avoidable stress (where it can be avoided ) !!! 

...and this is also saying that a lot of us do not ALSO know the protocols that need to be observed when caressing, cuddling and particularly kissing our beloved.

To the religious:you need not read any further
To the critic!! : go ahead and have a good laugh
To the unmarried: this is a counsel for you to learn and practice when you become married *winks**

To the Married: this is what you need to learn, practice and use to put a sparkle back into your marraige.

NB: and oh YES, I know that kissing in itself will not save a marriage, but believe me only intimate married couples spend time kissing their spouses without even thinking of sex, yes sex!!! Guys< we need to soft pedal Oo, must it be a peck then you wanna lounge straight to..... that place?

First Up: if you have not been kissed by your spouse for sometime, it can be as a result of several or any of these factors below:  
Bad breath
Dirty looking teeth
Bad Attitude to your spouse
You dress scruffily outside the bedroom
You look like an house maid in your bedroom
Your younger children don't give your guys space
Your spouse don't know how to kiss(maybe you should teach)
Your spouse don't know the signigicance/importance of kissing you, maybe you should explain to him/her

**NB: try research other issues,problems, challenges as to why your spouse is not kissing you.
By the way I think Kissing your spouse regularly can translate into a deep level of intimacy.

~Don't bump your lips against your partners own,even if the person is your wife
~Don't open your mouth at the inception of wanting to kiss.
~Dont lounge into their mouth immediately, take time to kiss,peck,etc.. the outer lips,side of the lips etc..
~Start kissing very very gently with a slow tempo and only take it further as your spouse responds
~Kissing is not pouring your saliva into their mouth.

...And am sure you know I am not any expert in this but you can google safer sites to study more about kissing but I would rather we all spend MORE quality time with our spouse with our phones,laptop,Ipad,tabs, TV etc.. out of the way.

Its just that kissing can promote intimacy too!!!
Go ahead and KISS more...      


  1. abi now.. start again...
    over and over againnnnn.
    As if its the very first time....