Monday, 17 December 2012

The day I died...

The day I died, I looked down and saw a lot of faces who I never really knew or met at the service of songs

I saw the man who lives on 'my' street that is not friendly. He constantly removes his face when I try greeting.I have witnessed to him a couple of times too.
There also was my ex-girlfriend with the husband: tried I.V them to a conference when I was alive(that was half a century back) but they declined, so what were they here for?

In just 21 days after being here my cousin has already picked one of my cars and seeing the dents on the sides of the car, I knew he misused the car. Imagine the sticker of my company on the back has been removed (the car is as good as gone, dint remember to register it to my children's name) and my cousin was the company's store keeper.

My godmother could not stop crying, I see her wearing the dress I bought for her from stockholme. She is so close to the family.

Wow.. A Government delegation? what are the camera and press people doing there? To film the Government officials crying?

I appreciate my international partners too, all were there.
Hey... wait a minute, where is that Pastor I use to sow to? Can't find him amongst the people at the service of songs. I see my Pastor with the wife,they were my confidante outside my marriage.

My instructions were carried out to the letter, service of songs & wake keeping in my garden with a projector running some of the achievements we ran while on earth. I see my daughter with the Golden dress I bought for her, handling proceedings and my son on the Piano (nice tie bro.) They all dressed beautifuly well as I left in the will.(Don't believe a stranger should handle my service of songs) My family knew me more...

Oh, my darling wife: looking regal, aging dint do much damage to her face. At 85 she is still looking strong and walking un~aided.
When I died I could see that people who I thought did not like me were those I saw at the service of songs.

Well all is well that ends well.. I lived well, left a good inheritance for my biological children and other children.

Company is doing great, greedy cousin brother has been taken care of with the car he taught he was harnessing(that was what I willed for him and #5million)

My sibblings all old themselves and doing very well
Left an endowment fund for orphans etc.. and God has been good to me.

...Oh, let me allow someone else seat on God's lap, I hear the brothers worship in the great room.. Got to join!!!

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