Sunday, 23 December 2012


Some people are naturally swayed to deny there ever was one called Jesus Christ.
Even though we knew Julius Ceaser was not the only Julius in Rome neither was Napoleon an exclusive name for Napoleon Hill.
...but we still believed they existed more so that some of us have never or never will meet them, we still believed they existed.
and it is sane to add that Jesus was not the only one so named, even in modern times today
....But HE had to be distinguished as the CHRIST because HE did what made HIM to be called the CHRIST.

There were several people in the bible or bible days who had similar names with others just as we have it today: there was Herod, John, James, Judah etc...

SO Jesus had other people in His days even now who was called JESUS but none was and is still called CHRIST.
CHRIST means the anointed one.

HE is the FULLNESS of God
The SPIRIT personified
The EXPRESS image of God
The ONE who has the entire FRUITS of GODLINESS in HIS life.
The WORD,bread of life and The SAVIOR of the world.
and The WISEST man that ever lived.

... and perhaps if you are an atheist and you believed in Michelangelo or Columbus you should believe in the CHRIST.
No am not trying to convince you but to get you to appropriate this wisdom well.

....And as a muslim,I have heard that you should believe In Prophet Issa (Jesus)

Most importantly:
This Jesus:
This Jesus Christ: who was anointed with power & went about doing good, healing the sick is THE CHRIST.
The ANOINTING that we celebrate
The LIFE we should model ourselves after
The CHRIST that we should tell others about

He is the one we celebrate this season
He is the REASON for the season.
Funny how HE said when we take care of the hurting, hopeless, hungry& the discouraged amongst us: we are doing that to HIM.
NOW you know & are reminded again...


You can try to gloss over this for all you wish or try to deny the facts here.
But maybe I should put a name stamp of Aristotle, Francine Rivers, Louis Aragon or Maya Angelou as the author of this rhetorical piece then you would share it, comment on it or re:read it?!!!

But NO, I will just put the appropriate reference then leave you to your judgement.
Author:Banjo ORE
Story references: THE HOLY BIBLE

Lets not forget why we are in such a Joyful/Holiday mood, cheers.

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