Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Why do the Educated ones work for illiterates?

What baffles me is this!!!
Most of the billionaires we talk about, see and admire have not had a fantastic "ACADEMIC" education but some of them have had even below average scorelines in school.

The other shocking thing is that, people with "ACADEMIC" awards/prowess are under the employment of this other first guys.
What I mean is that the EDUCATED ones with all the GRAMMER work for the Illiterates..
what seems to be the problem or missing link?
Here I am thinking of why a well read man will be the one working for a pure-bred illiterate!!! Please don't get me wrong:
I don't hate illiterate people and as a matter of fact I do not think my father who retired from the military ever mentioned his attending the University and my Mum just graduated from the University at over 60yrs old. But they both have at one point in their life/career employed brilliant people as their staff.
So, where did we get it wrong?
How come some of our egg heads are now scrambling to get ministerial appointments after being a Professor for 25 years?
Remember am not after the Illiterates or half educated folks.. Infact they are the ones who have. Helped to sustain the economy of every nation with their enterprise, industry and businesses.
But, the so called egg heads with their many untested policy formations and notoriety for petitions,unionism and the list goes on. Now again you must understand that there are few good eggs who have done well for their nation and still doing inspite of their "academic" records (no name readily come to my mind now shaa)
So:what's thw future of all the graduates we are turnong out into the society? Some of them even make the mistake of running headlong into doing Masters in Redundantology with great sums of money only to have a PG degree and still remain unemployed( you will most likely catch them at forums where they can express their views) this guys always take a swipe @the Government.
Do you agree with this?
Who am I now blaming?
Egg heads
Post Graduates
Or what?
NOW, don't get me wrong! I oly asked a simple innocent question.

Why would I have an ACA, Law degree, degree in Mass Comm or have other fantastic degree and also end up:
~washing some mogue,
~being a gigolo
~work as a restrainer in some mental institution
~run some dope errands
~or even do some very odd jobs?

This is for people(educated) who also run abroad to be second rated citizens... Why would you run away from you father land to enjoy social amenities in another country at the expense of doing Jobs you can not do here in your country? Ofcos if you are amongst the few who travel abroad to be a blessing to foreigners we will appreciate especially if you extend same home..
What did the man who did not go to the university do to become a Billionaire?
How long did it take him/her to achieve this? etc...
How will the person who went to the university achieve this?
Stay tuned...

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