Sunday, 4 November 2012

Of Secrets of Success...

everywhere I turn, I always see this phrase
''The Secrets of Success'' 

Basically I have seen that everyone has same principle to share and other personal STRATEGIES they learnt.
So I concluded that the PRINCIPLES are the same however coined or framed...

But what bothers me are the various STRATEGIES which can be different from society to society or one environment to the other///
Teaching and training styles can be different too.

Then MOST IMPORTANTLY: Career DIFFERS, so we will need to apply wisdom in administering the skills we acquire to our goals.
Personally I believe there are the ACADEMIC like trainings/teachings and the Practical Facilitation. This brings me to this point.

NB: One time someone got in touch with me so that they could package me ICT wise etc... and the bill they gave me was about $1,200.00 dollars and am like will you wait to be fully paid when I make the  double of the amount you charged me as a result of your consultancy? am sure yo know the answer now: they all want the money first and feed you the information which have not worked for them. This and others of their kind are just INFORMATION SELLERS hence I place them in the Academic Circuit kind of...

My point is this, we should learn to RESPECT, look for and Give proper place to those who have gone ahead of us and WHO ALREADY HAVE WHAT WE WA NT ION OUT LIFE AND BUSINESS...

Ohh we are still on the so called ''Secrets of Success'' abi !!

So, I thnk before you start seeking and paying thru: your nose on THIS SO CALLED SECRETS OF SUCCESS... you should seat down and ask yourself on what SUCCESS exactly means to you..

What SUCCESS do you exactly want to achieve?
In what sector?
whats your blueprint?

Okay so this is not only for Individuals....
Companies have re-invented and moved on to greater things..

Success should be Progressive...
even Bigger Multi-natonal Corporations who have lost in the stock market are looking for ways to become Successful in this present dispensation.

emmm, I will personally vouch for and point people towards People and Organisations in our society who has over a decade [ten years] continuous and consistent experience in the field that you want to gain expertise in and this people/individual  should be part of a whole: They should be people respected in the society/community...

Well, stay tuned for more....  or would you rather have some of the Secrets of Success you have attuned yourself to? pls feel free to leave a comment///

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