Thursday, 1 November 2012


I find it AWKWARD when I hear people who are supposed to have FAITH say that 
Nigeria can never recover from her challenges.. Its like saying YOU can't become 
better too.
Why would you say you BELIEVE in God but you don't agree that Nigeria can be 
BETTER? Isn't that a paradox and negative confession?
Did God not say HE would save Sodom&Gomorrah if he can find 10 righteous people 
Don't we have more than 10 righteous folks inNaija?

Seriously... saying Naija can not become BETTER or respected amongst the nations is like saying saying miracles can no longer happen!!

We have so limited ourselves to what International statistics and European observers say about our country that we forget that we can be better than we are now. There are worse nations that have become better and some of these nations picked up themselves from the dust of hurt, shame and internal wranglings to be better than it has been.

I am a DIE HARD POSSIBILIST.. and believe that you and I should never put a full stop  where God has not.

The Entertainment scene is an example of these changes that we so much desire, we we were growing up in the 80s foreign Artistes were all over the place in such a way that Naija Artisteshad no chance to push themselves thru: and of cos we had foreign labels predominantly then.
But alas!!! NOW... even some of the young ones out there in the European countries are pushing to come release their albums/singles here in Naija.

We will take over sector by sector regardless of the challenges that this anticipated growth will bring...

Stay tuned... bcos I know Naija will be on the cutting EDGE of mordern civilized and well lubricated 'Governance' very soon

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