Sunday, 11 November 2012

How to forget the past and MOVE ON to the FUTURE...

   “ The cycles and rhythm of life will work continuously in your favor if you learn to constantly rejoice in the future God has laid in store for you “ Poju Oyemade

 Hmm, a foothold to all that is promising in God is that element of hope which is embedded in being joyful and thankful... The bitter soul that is filled with regret remains in d past or on one spot, but worse still, the bitter soul kips revolving around a circuitous level of success, with zero innovation or upgrade.
There is no point journey to the future whilst looking in d rear view mirror... Others are even using the telescope to gaze into the future while the smarter ones ask THE ONE who created the future about their ”waka"
 There is just no point in remaining bitter, angry, sad or overwhelmed with hatred.

WHY will I give other people the RIGHT to control my life via what they do to me;

-Give a love gift of some sort to the person/organization who/that hurt you. It could be service, a prayer for them, a note saying you are letting go, a clipper, makeup kit, a goodwill message for them etc...
-Worship and be thankful to God for life
-An honest prayer to God to help you with the hurt
-Open up to a mature person or a trusted family member, bare you mind, talk, cry and get over it.
-Change locations where possible
-Rebrand, reinvent your life... start doing other healthy stuff
-Get books on overcoming challenges.
-Get healthy audio book or music of people who have overcome such challenges [don't get some ”die nigger die “songs] that will provoke hatred in you.

NB: ABOVE ALL: get professional counseling ASAP.

HOW NOT TO MESS UP YOUR PRESENT level so that it does not become a bad past:
-Stay where you are celebrated
-Don't jump into relationships anyhow [understand “relationships" well]
-Have mentors: particularly those you see but for those you cant see, try have access to their materials remember your mentor is not your friend or buddy, he/she is to bring correction into your life.
-Surround yourself with joyful people [not happy people only] but the joyful lot: happy people need good happenstances to make them happy while joyful people have got a great self starting ‘’independent internal generator’’ on the inside. They are happy in spite of the circumstances, knowing that whatever is happening is only for a short while. They go through life with a zeal and vigor that positively influences who ever they meet and where ever they go to.
Ofcos PRAY and keep PRAYING
Learn to perceive, anticipate and develop a positive internal fortitude

The list here is so so much... I guess you will have to research and learn some other tips on how you are to stay on the cutting edge of your life:

Learn how to intercept threats to your joy, sidestep it, destroy them and where you eventually collide with few challenges. Know how to DEAL with it.
Persevere, endure, be patient etc...

I see me as a special forces commando sent on a mission to achieve a goal here on earth, I cannot afford to die, be wounded or pay attention to silly emotional hoodwink.

I am on a mission to ACHIEVE!!!
We are all on a mission to ACHIEVE

ACHIEVE we must…

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