Sunday, 25 November 2012

10 things I don't understand about my wife..

Who does not have issues with their women?...
See mine....

~She is in the room and her phone's in the kitchen                      
~She beams with smiles when I do the dishes, then she goes all touchy touchy me now *winks 
~Needs to change shoes often, av had som shoes for 4yrs
~She enjoys driving but suddenly looses appetite for it when the car starts messing up
~She never seems to forget the days and times of some programmes, super story, WWTBAM
~Their is this affection I see in her eyes towards our children that I am not sure I see towards me *puzzled* Ooo

~When she reports my children to me for not sleeping on time or do somethin and I get up to do me some spanking.. She then proceeds to hold me back, begging atimes. SO why did you tell me then?
~We can be together at home for 12hours but that does not translate into my being home because of her... Ʊntil I stop watching TV, usng the laptop and pressing my phone.. ''BUT sebi am home now? Hahaaaa'' I'dsay
~She winces and looks away from John Cena dealing with CM Punk and she is surprised at kungfu films and why they kick each other, it displeases her. BUT, methinks its only a film now
~When we have an argument, she still cooks for me and inspite of my *boning* she still ask me if the stew is alright... If na me ehh.. Lol

~She always ask me when I will be back from work? But you know now. After all this years.
~She constantly ask me that question... "What will you like to eat" even when its so obvious that I like rice always... Maybe she was hoping I will choose Eba or Akara?
~She after some time, starts talking like me and using my cliche's and stuff
~She steals my revelation and makes it her status updates... Oh brother!
~She has a way of just telling what the house needs.. Oh she never forgets to do that, even when she will sort it out. I must sha hear, lol
~She just does not like the games I like, interesting games like car,chess, and the likes.. But solitaire? Ohh gimme a break.

Guess I actually wrote more than ten (10) its more than this... Stay tuned cos I have a feeling this aint over.
Over all, I know I did not marry a perfect woman and YES she certainly knows this brother is far from perfect.
But we try to connect more on the areas we agree the most and allow that to stifle all other areas we might not agree all of the time.

This life is just too too short to run off doing something that your family won't love you for.
The family is the nucleus of the society... And the father is the Head while the woman the Heart together we are both custodians of a New world order..
So, before you take that step to start a family... Have you considered if this person is who you want to spend the rest of you life with regardless of their FLAWS?....

Let's help vaccinate the society against family dysfuntions via the choices we make now...

Love you guys so plenty.. I mean some of the people who take time to read this blog... thanks a lot!!

Guys from North America,Europe,Africa,Nigeria,Yinka, Fisayo,Chim,Christian,Akin,Jumoke,Dr Seyi, leaders-mind,Pastor,Steve etc.. and everybody. Thanks a lot..

Will be glad to share your story too...  Banjo ORE...

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