Tuesday, 2 October 2012


APPLY : remuneration very satisfactory?

we are waiting
For THE BIG STORY of how bad Nigeria has been... Blah blah blahhhh

Someone somewhere is NOW STILL creatively writing another story about Nigeria and the woes she has at 52 years.

We are waiting...
Go on write all what you want to write...
We have and still leaving in Nigeria and don't see how the negative things you write will replace what we all have gone through
 And still going through...

Oh, you wanna write so that the authorities will SEE
 So that they can change?
Ha ha haaaa, welcome to cuckoo land, who told you that they do not know?

Tell me, who comes online to READ bad news?

Okay so Mr & Mrs Vigilante must you write about Nigeria woes?
 Why don't you spend your TIME writing about THE MEN and leaders who has spoilt Nigeria?

Why abuse the Legal Entity that has been damaged by the policy of a few?
 Why don't you REDIRECT and lash out at the SPECIFIC people at the helms of affairs?
Mention their names please
And leave Nigeria out of this..
After all only a few are ruling the majority!!!

Yes, I know why you don't do that... Some of them are your friend’s brother’s cousin who you have benefited from.
After all they are part of the board of directors of the tabloid you write for... Abi?

Agbayaaaaa, pretender, hypocrite. All grammar but no facts.
Please spare us the details of all your write ups joor.

...... Let me chillll

DON'T REMiND US, we know Nigeria Needs HELP and we need Proactive, SOLUTIONS.

Fly me a website and let's see how we can reorient ate our People...

Time to open a free blog and be a source of encouragement,

Sound the ALARM

What are you going to contribute?

Oh well,
I Believe in Nigeria...
Where else will I believe in?

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