Wednesday, 5 June 2013

The DANA Crash... One Year After?!

May God heal the hearts of the LOVED ones left behind...
It is well

The article below was written at the time of the crash:

Corporate Killers within our economy...            
NB: ''NO the issue is not long forgotten and we wont wait until the next accident before we say this''
This is such a bad taste
And it’s reoccurring
Over & over again...
Its becoming serial
& I feel like head butting
And biting down so hard
On the jugular of those
Who proffered damage costs & the likes to the loved ones of the victims on the Dana plane crash?
What level of words, remuneration to family members will bring back those who lost their lives?
People who were untimely rushed to heaven!
People who had some solutions for the Earth's many challenges!
Gone too soon...
Gone too soon because of THE Leadership Problem we’ve always had in this country...
Cos of some 5million plus to be made from the Dana trip to Lagos,
The lives of Human Capital that could generate trillions of dollars were SACRIFICED upon the ALTAR of Bad Leadership.
A Bad Management decision [as heard on the News from a Dana staff]
Once again, a biased & corporate Leadership FLAW
That has ruined this country for so long.

Oh God, but these deaths could have been prevented? [that’s the annoying part]
Not some natural disaster [that was not preventable]
Should Leaders kill more people than the natural disasters will do in this part?
What’s the hope of the next generation?

Will you also kill and dash the hopes of many via the selfish DECISIONS you are making NOW?
The one that is inevitable for you to make because of the CHARACTER FLAW you have refused to deal with?
The Problem with bad Taste is that even when you imagine that all is well it does not eliminate the bitterness and indulging in sweetener[s] does not really erase the bile like savor.

Oh, this world longs for Leaders who do not intentionally; either knowingly or foolishly concoct policies, strategies or tsunamic like gazettes’ or directives that enriches their pockets and tear out the hearts of the people they "shepherd"

Oh God!!! We long for selfless, service oriented and forgiving Leaders like... Like likeeee...
Like who?
Like You Lord,
Like YOU.

Banjo Ore writes with a grieving heart today in memory of the Slain 153 earthly pilgrims onboard the "murder weapon" called Dana Airplane...

O di gba
Ao ri ra lese jesu
Ibi ti a koni ya ara wa.

But who’s gonna take all this taste away?

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  1. remembering the victims of the Dana crash today.... ONE YEAR after...
    God will keep being with the loved ones and all the relatives left behind. It is well in Jesus name, Amen.