Sunday, 2 September 2012

The EMber Strategies...

Yes... The EMber strategies not TRAGEDIES.

My favourity month naturally is June cos its my birthday and the other months  that are my favourite is as shown below

~February bcos is the shortest
~November bcos its when I get to end all activity for the year
~August bcos it sounds new and fresh to me

And of cos I LOVE December bcos its Christmas and I get to move between the Living room and the Kitchen with mouthfulls of Jollof, Salad, Cold chilled Fizzy Drinks, etc.. With my children and family making merry all  around me...

Hmmm, can't wait.

Alright away from Coockoo land and into reality.

Do not be amongst those who think and believe that September,
and December months are prone to TRAGEDIES.
Why will you believe that you are entering into Tragedies.

it is clear to know that in the month running off to December people TRAVEL and Commute between places as a result of there getting ready for the Christmas celebrations and September is the major time most students travel around bcos they have to resume into school from the holoday break and this involves a lot of hutleing and bustling around.
Their are a host of other reasons and purposes why people move around in this months.

AS RESULT OF ALL THIS MOVING AROUND, People get to travel often via vehicles, airplanes and other people travel in less costlier vehicular contraptions. It is not new to know that where their are so much movements there are bound to be one or few vehicular incidents...  
So THE TRAGEDIES that a few Pastors and people anticipate CAN BE AVOIDED.

Why spend so much time praying for what YOU CAN AVOID? Its like ingesting germs with a view to ingesting the cure later.

So think of STRATEGIES rather than TRAGEDIES....

This is not over yet.... stay TUNES for the STRATEGIES

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