Saturday, 8 September 2012


True life story

I thought I was blessed with you bringing forth another baby.      
But it turned out to be a nightmare

You thought I would appreciate the baby better but no one can replace you in my heart

After you had gone
I sit in our room
With Usman On my chest...
and a look in his eyes which says “where is mummy“

I hurt so much, to think I cant see you again.

I picked up your laptop last week
entered the password you gave me, saw the EBook you last read still on d screen
and I wondered to your fav. Game... Still saw that I had beaten you in d last game we played before you had that labour pains.

Honeyyyy, I miss you so much
Its been 8months now,
8 gruelling, lonly and nightmarish period for me.

I have the need for conjugality
Need for warmth
Need to have your arms on my chest.

Where do I start?
Can I love alone?
Should I make love to myself?
How do I forget that you are not there again when I run up those steps to our house?

Can I father these boys alone?

Think I have to send your younger sister back to your parents
Cos she so reminds me of you
But who will now take care of our boys?

I am so sad without you
Alone in the new BMW we bought together.

I noticed I have shrank in size
from asking why you had to die.

Today, I called your number and all I heard was that it is switched off...
But then again I have your sim right here before me on the bedside cabinet

I only wish your phone will ring again so that I can hear that angelic voice of yours say as usual:
“Yes Bobo“ when you are lively or
“yes can I help you “when you are angry with me

Your tailor came home
asking to drop all your cloths with me.

Your boss called in to give me your last pay cheque
And. I keep avoiding those places we often visit together

what can I do without you?
I miss you so much
If I knew you would die so early
I would have allowed you to have your way with all you requested from me.

I didn't even have the time to say goodbye
we spoke as you entered the delivery ward, telling me to call your mum and to keep Abdulmalik warm from cold.

I have rehearsed your last words over and over in my heart.

I am robbed
I am left empty
I am naked without you
My confidence left when you Died,

Sweety mi
I leave all to God
In whose care I know you are in...

Osee isu o duro je
Ogun iyan, .O Duro je
O se obe o duro. La

How I miss you so much...
Alake mi

Miss you much...

We will see someday.

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  1. Great post up there.. So touching and sympathetic... I pray God gives such soul a comforting helpmeet.. All he need doing is to be more closer to God the giver of peace... Dedicate or re-dedicate your life to Him and allow him to absorbed your load of care. Remember, He is your creator. Take care Bro!