Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Of Born Agains and Productivity...

Born Against Productivity?...
Am not SHOCKED or surprised that most so called BORN AGAIN Christians are not as FINANCIALY buoyant as    other people from the other faith..

Have you tried EMPLOYING a BORN AGAIN?
They have faith and believe in FAVOUR,
They BLOW tongues even at d point of service which some customers hate,
They stick earphones into their ears listening to Pastor Holiness UntoDeath & Zion Mountain Singers hence being in da spirit evrytime so can't be bothered with the infirmities of customers joor.

And when they FAST twice every week or 30 days in a month they become so weak at work that they SLEEP and snoreee but when
accosted by people they arise from slumber with SMELLY breath occasioned by having not eaten food for a while and when you advice them to take a lemon drop they decline reasoning that it will adulterate or pollute their fasting so instead they CHOOSE to torment and ASSAULT our nostrils.

CUMULATIVLY all these REDUCE or ERASE PRODUCTIVITY.... Coupled with the fact that they will also like to close earlier on certain days of the week for church services or special anointing services.   [Nothing wrong with this?]

Even undergraduates who are fellowship executives also follow this path, they bind and proclaim spells on Lecturers to reschedule class tests or forget class attendances simply because they want to play ”Christianity”.

What a charade of charlatanic African religious propensity is being propagated by the Ecclesia as the acceptable norm for Christian Living...

No wonder a Pastor was Jailed for days in a developed economy because he was charged for tampering with the Productivity of working class people as a result of encouraging them to come for all night prayer vigils.

What we see going on, points to the fact that our WITNESSING power is being eroded by RELIGIOUS RITES that have crept into the church.   

Isokay Oooo,
If a class of people exist that believe HARDWORK will get them to heaven (in their dreams) and they DELIVER well at the point of service: hunnn, wouldn't you rather employ such?

If the Gentiles instinctively do and practice what the Law says or better put when they diligently practice Godly principles, won't they be blessed for it?

So NOW we know why some of our brethren are so…
You get my point?

Why suffer on earth
when you have been DESIGNED to rule, reign and to take charge.  



Be In Charge
Let us take OVER SECTORS.  

I would love to read from you so as to get another perspective to this///

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