Saturday, 1 September 2012

Leadership Issues...

      Leadership is not something that we can escape from, LEADERSHIP is to harness our efforts, skills, time, money, and substance in order to bring solutions to particular situations and this will continue till we all leave this earth.

But it must be said that NO LEADERSHIP IS FLAWLESS…

Winston Churchill
Barack Obama
Mahatma Ghandi
Obafemi Awolowo
Margaret Thatcher
Tony Blair
Ayatollah Khomeini etc…  all had their own flaws.

PS: ... and YES I know that some of this leaders can be extreme in their leadership styles but some of these men are still loved and revered by their people.

CASE ONE: So the truth is that if LEADERSHIP will be flawed MUST we now entrust our lives into the hands of this flawed leaders?

 Well the truth is that you must ENTRUST your future into someone’s hand [you can be as religious as you want to be] but people will always help direct your affairs one way o the other.

QUESTIONWhen good LEADERS go bad, become flawed, tainted, out rightly demonic or just confused WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO or what are you supposed to do?

Several kind of LEADERS EXIST and we must know this so as to KNOW WHAT TO DO in precarious situations [when personal flaws or governing flaws seep into the LEADERSHIP POLICY and thaw at us]

POLITICAL LEADERS:                  Governance, Partisan politics etc...
POSITIONAL LEADERS:               school prefects, Associations Clubs,
PRODUCTIVITY LEADERS:           by meritorious professional service in the workplace etc
SPIRITUAL LEADERS:                   Pastors, Imams, Bishops, elders, Rev. Fathers etc.
CHRONOLOGICAL LEADERS:       Aged people, older people
BIOLOGICAL LEADERS:                Parents, Older Sibling

A spiritual leader might not have to be a great political leader, in fact he might not know anything about politics and so on and so forth hence we must be careful in evaluating what a flaw is and what it is not but we must all know that:

Moral failures
Lack of proper financial accountability
High handedness
Rash decisions etc..... are all part of FLAWS or character failures that leaders fall into and regret-ably they are not excusable.

Also, we need to use WISDOM when handling issues as it touches the different LEADERSHIP TYPE above. Much as political leaders have been maimed and killed because of one flaw or the other we will certainly not kill our teachers or Fathers if they do hurt us [at least no right thinking, normal person will do that] and how many of our Pastors / Imams that misbehaved have been killed…?!


since THERE IS NO FLAWLESS LEADERSHIP… hence make allowance for that... get out of the system if you must and can’t cope as a last resort [given that you have tried all you could to make yourself adapt to the leadership style in such a way that it won’t harm you negatively]

but IF/WHEN you can’t get out, then WE HAVE TO LOOK FOR THE NECESARY AND MOST SUITABLE SOLUTIONS TO TUNE THAT LEADERSHIP right [especially if you are CERTIFIED to do that]…

Besides who knows if the NEW LEADER or Leadership style you are CLAMOURING FOR IS NOT WORSE THAN THE ONE YOU ARE TRYNG TO PUSH OUT...?

Wise people consider the odds
Responsible MEN patiently dialogue and seek for solutions
Don’t USURP…
It has a way of boomeranging...
Not everyone will understand this piece, but THOSE who do, should please keep close to their heart.

Lead well... someone’s life may be hinged on it...
Thank you

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