Saturday, 11 August 2012

The MIRACLE that happened in my neighborhood...

 .....How this lady LEFT medical school and went on to bag a 1st class honors in Sociology from a private university.

Sometimes we over look some miracle that happen right before our very eyes...

Dateline 2008 or 2009…. Went to pick my daughter from the children’s church and so I first met saw the subject of our discussion today….. Later found out that we live in the same neibourhood.
Found out she was in Medical school then and after much mutual hi there and hello there, we became ‘’family’’ of course I was shocked and bothered that she left her medicine line too but I saw something else in her within all issues then:  she was different, I mean she was so career oriented to the point that My outfit had to feature her in some of our CSRs and Corporate training

Fast-forward to today…
She now has a First Class degree in Sociology from a University.
Come with me as I pry into her heart and life….. someone will D.V benefit from her story.
Read ON about the ‘’The Miracle in my Neibourhood ’’

Ifeoluwa Folu Adeoti.
Can we know you please?
I am Ifeoluwa Folu Adeoti a child of God through Jesus Christ given to the family of Pastor & Mrs. Adeoti, first of four children. I attended Chapel primary school where I was a library prefect, then proceeded to Chapel secondary school and completed my secondary education in Unilorin secondary school. I started with physiology in the University of Ilorin and then crossed to medicine by my second year. I left medical school by my fourth year and went to UNAD for about six months and then left for Houdegbe North American University, Benin.

Why did you leave Medical School?
Leaving medical school was a decision that I made in faith and it took me over a year. There were factors that contributed to it, but the major reason was that of obedience. I struggled and reasoned it out for over a year but it was when it came to the point of obeying God that I found the strength and courage to leave. As I took the step the other subordinating factors came out clearer.

Can you expansiate further please?
One of the statement I can remember I heard clearly is, ‘Come out of there and learn of me. what I want to use you for has nothing to do with a particular course you study in school, so go ahead and study any course that will give you enough time for me’. As I began to find courage to move on, I first went to UNAD where I spent one semester and left (that is another story entirely).  I got admission into the UK but had to let that go too due to certain reasons and in my search for a private university I stumbled on the school in Benin Republic. Someone got the form for me and when I got there I discovered that sociology was chosen for me and written on the form.  Although that was the first time I heard of the course, I checked it out on Encarta encyclopedia and I knew that was it.

What were the challenges you had when you dropped medical school?
Challenges! There were lots of them o. My mum was very supportive all the way but my dad was not at first. He was hurt and poured it out on me in some level of anger, neglect and opposition which I well expected. Later, he came around. My siblings were just quiet and observant about it. I had serious oppositions from peers at various levels. Some said it to my face; I heard rumors of how I was insane, some said I wanted to quit school and start a church, some even said I was under the influence and attack of the devil. It was like “let’s wait and see what becomes of her and her decision.” On the other hand some other friends were very supportive and stayed by my foolish decision as it looked then. It wasn’t easy for me too, there were times I wept all night long, times I doubted and was confused, times I felt so hurt and felt like I had wasted so much time and effort. My greatest fight was loneliness which at many times got me depressed. God never left me all through the times. 

Ifeoluwa Folu Adeoti.
Lessons learnt from all this? 
First, I learnt more of God, Jesus, Holy Spirit and kingdom ways and I am still learning. I learnt that the process is more important than the result. Many times we want things and circumstances to change but we are the one that is to be changed. As I followed step by step, I changed completely and my taste began to change… I gradually exchanged my ambitions for Gods vision. I got to know what really mattered and as I followed that, all other things were added. Most importantly, I learnt that in the Christian race, obedience is the pathway to knowledge... After I obeyed, I began to know myself, my mistakes, my situations, what works best for me… the real me began to evolve. I also learnt that when we follow God in obedience, our life may seem to show inconsistency but it will begin to radiate the light of the knowledge of the glory of God possible only with someone that has been consistent with God. I learnt that more than my dreams of becoming a great doctor working for God, He was more particular that I become like His son, one with Him(God) and radiate His glory, so that whether I am a doctor or a janitor I am in His purpose. I could go on and on, the journey has indeed been of learning.

While I was in medical school, I figured I was still immature, naïve, ignorant of somethings and I had not come to realize and appreciate who God made me and what he wanted from me. But during my study as a sociologist, I was more matured and I really enjoyed it because it suited my personality more. Generally, medical school takes all of you and you must be sure you are wired for it and ready for it before you venture into it. On the other hand, I believe that sociology is a sweet course that lays a good foundation for anyone that has a passion for helping his or her society any way and it gives more time to oneself than medicine does.

So are you wishing all your medical school years away?
If God permits, medical sociology is an area I may explore alongside other things. I am in love with lecturing and with a first class in sociology and a good background in medicine, medical sociology or something related is a good option, so I am not wishing it all away because no knowledge is wasted.

What other things did you do when you left medical school that you still intend to pursue?
By Gods grace, I am director at bridgepalmers solutions- a solution selling outfit that connects, consults, packages training and events on management, leadership and personal development. I also engage in facilitating workshops, speak on career(s), self discovery, relationships, etc...
But most importantly, I am a lover of God and His word and so propagate the Truth of the Gospel which sets free as I am a living example of that.
I am also a published author of a book titled 'Success Alert'… a must have for every student and educationalist.

Can you comment on Career Insanities? [This is an exclusive research path of the owner of this website, Banjo ORE]

Career insanity is something I see going on all around me, few days ago someone said ' do you know how many people are dying to enter the medical school you willingly left?' and I replied  'do you know how many people are dying to leave that same medical school and do not know how?'. I believe many people have made career decisions that may cause them serious harm and infact many are suffering the harm already. Its insane to think that doing the wrong thing in a better or harder way will make it right. Education is supposed to bring out what is already deposited in you not force on you what is not there. One of the many reasons why my time in med. school was not a waste is because it made me realize what was not mine to pursue.

NB: But people do not have to make that mistake again… [Banjo ORE]

Many times we have the best end-product in mind but  we use the wrong materials and tools. for example, my passion was to be in a position where people could open up to me, share their problems, give them one or two information that will help them become better but then I thought it was only Doctors that had such opportunities .and because of my love particularly for women I now wanted to be gynaecologist not until later when I discovered that medicine is not the only route there and infact it is a very narrow way because as a Medical Doctor, though you have access to people, you don’t get to have so much time to do a psychologist or a counselors’ job. Sincerely if I had continued as a doctor I might have wasted away by loosing 'the real me' into the job. Many times we have good intentions but the methods we choose drives us crazy. If you are running like the crazy way I was few years ago, I believe the first thing you need to do is STOP (to evaluate).

I know we all have childhood dreams but WAKE-UP, it’s time for adulthood realities. Your career is supposed to be 'YOU' in expression and your education should be refining YOU and bringing YOU to a selling point.                                      If you are in tune with your creator then its time to LISTEN. (Thank God I listened) and please find HELP in the right places. I love to say it this way, If you find yourself in a car that is heading to the north and you realize you should be going east, what will you do? Will you continue while you wish and pray that you land in the East? Will you just let go and land in the North where you have no business going? Or will you stop at the nearest bus stop and prayerfully ask for help as you navigate your way back to the East? I believe the time spent on the journey to the North is not a waste, no knowledge is wasted. And as a principle we must learn all we can anywhere we are, because we never can tell when we will need what.
Before making career choices we all need adequate information about ourselves, the career, the community where we live, etc...


So don’t kill yourself over a particular career, find out what God wants for you, stay and flourish there...
Ife, saying God is faithful.

Any other projects you are working on that you want us to know?
Well to say a few on projects for now will include getting my book 'Success Alert' into the hands of every student possible because I am sure that it is a 'first class' student material. Also, working on programs and seizing opportunities that God will bring my way. The truth is anything could come up, as I commit myself to maintaining my relationship with God. I know it can only get better.God be praised.

Thank you so much for your time. Any last words?
Thank you so much for this opportunity, its times and discussions like this that makes me joyful that I followed my heart that God began to tune in His direction about five (5) years ago. Thank you so much.

You are welcome [B.A.J]


  1. salami Abimbola Eyitayo11 August 2012 at 20:57

    This is indeed a show and caps ISAIAH 55:8-9 which says
    "My thoughts are not lik yours, and my ways are diff from yours. As high as the heaven are above d earth,so are my ways and thoughts above yours"
    sometimes wen we go thru hard times and feel neglected, we are being refined just lik gold and at end we come out pure and beautiful...
    If we fix God into our plan He ll definitely direct our paths....Am so proud of u BIG sis.

  2. Salami Abimbola Eyitayo11 August 2012 at 21:04

    This is indeed a show and caps ISAIAH 55:8-9 which says
    "My thoughts are not lik yours, and my ways are diff from yours. As high as the heaven are above d earth,so are my ways and thoughts above yours"
    sometimes wen we go thru hard times and feel neglected, we are being refined just lik gold and at end we come out pure and beautiful...
    If we fix God into our plan He ll definitely direct our paths....Am so proud of u BIG sis.