Thursday, 9 August 2012

The Advent of Saviors....

I can feel the energy pumping thru me as the ''actor'' or do I say star actor.. walked in.
he grabbed the assailant, gave him an uppercut and a double backflip , then he gave a kung fu chop to the jugular vein and alas, the enemy dies and the hostages are freed.. 

Choi, I tell you I still love action films that center around star action hero characters and other forms of heros. Sometimes I wish I was Drogba that scored the winning goal at a crucial team play off or that I was Lionel Messi who score hat-tricks to get his team to where they belong. and how about being Jack Bauer in 24, kai.. it will be so so cool you know.

we all love heroes and would love to be one...
I am so so jealous when I see my three year old son run to hug my wife with a look of satisfaction on his face and prompto I will encourage him to run to me too with outstretched arms, what a feeling to be loved.

Its a crazy world out there you know, the other day a young boy walked up to me and said please give me some money and I reminded him I did the day earlier and he just walked off but then I asked myself what difference will it make if I give this guy the little coins he asked me.. So I stopped looked back, he stopped too, looked at me with an expectation and I dipped my hand in my pockets he ran to me and I gave out an amount that was less than a dollar and am like.. 
 I just became his HERO..      

Guys , people... where are you being perceived as an HERO?

The WORLD awaits for YOU and I.. we have to be someone's HERO
We have to EMERGE
Look around you and  BE THE SOLUTION...

Will you be my HERO TODAY?
those are the faint words of a dying generation.

There is a hero, if you look inside your heart... [Mariah Carey]

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