Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Nuggets from the COZA-MIke Murdock Conference

Dateline... August 14 &15th 2012. @ Commonwealth of Zion Assembly Abuja [COZA] @THIS Day. 
hosted Dr Mike Murdock, the phenomenal Speaker, Musician, Author of over 250 books and the list goes on.
Rev Biodun & Modele Fatoyinbo hosted the event.     

It is IMPOSSIBLE to bring you detailed highlights of the two day event. How do you quantify the superlative ministrations of The Avalanche and the anointed ministrations of Rev. Biodun Fatoyinbo and Dr Mike Murdock?

For the sake of people who could not make it, below are the nuggets I personally wrote down and thought to share it with you [readers]
but you should get to COZA and get the CDs.

Enjoy and pls. give appropriate credits where ever you use or quote this words and / or teachings of wisdom. [you will have to excuse my abbreviations, dint think of editing anything for your studying/ reading delight]

[Day One] August 14th 2012

Time is not in d success equation
Reaching is proof of hunger
Talk more to God and ask him questions...
Question reveals passion

whoever increases your faith is most important to you...
Increase in faith is increase in Lifestyle

Your future is determined by d voice u trust...

Where you are is important too,
God talks differently when no one is around...

God hides tings in people u never enjoy... Learn to see the good in the weakness of people.

You are nobody until someone hates you.

If you IGNORE an Offence it has no power. We have the strength to ignore, belitle or amplify.

Gods love for you is unrelated to His prosperity

Your life cannot change until someone likes you

God does not respond to tears but to FAITH..

Every instruction is a qualification for another level.

You mentor is not your best friend but your coach.. So stop fishing for compliments

Your enemy gets u what your friends cannot get you. But fight at your pace with him..

Everything is a seed.. Knowledge is a seed for change. Love a seed for hate etc.. If you give nothing u are scheduled to receive nothing.

Name what the day will bring to and for you..

WORK on displacement.. BRING something positive in to displace some negative

When you are where I have assigned you nobody can compete with you..                                  So DISCOVER IT

Is there anybody more Impt. than the person who pays you?

There is always a divine currency that churns out Earthly currency. 

Honour creates access and if you fail in life you have dishonoured some people.

Write QUESTIONS down everyday etc..
Who are my top 10 investors
If I am an enemy, how will I destroy me? etc..

Be careful where there is no Favour for you, RUN from such places

IDENTIFY the road of Favor in ur Life and TRIUMPH there.

Giv your seed an assignment send it an errand.

Day Two. August 15th  2012

Master the art of asking ?s

You don't decide ur assignment u discover it.

What do I hav dat has not bin moneytized

What has God given me that will bring money to my pocket

Integrity has moneytary value

Don't live witout knowing ur diference.. Magnify ur strength more

You must be able to tell ur Difference in ONE MINUTE

Build your life around your diference

When you have a lion you will never be afraid of a dog ever again

The lion does not need ur assurance

You spend time on something you LOVE..

Your proof of love is the time you spend on something

Never leave LOVE unspoken inside you... Pour it out on people, you never know.

Wisdom is the ability to recognise the difference

Your character can be known via your reactions to things, people, the church, the Holy Spirit.

Money creates good great experiences for people.. Don't minimize the importance of money in your life.

The purpose of money is to create pleasurable experiences for people

Long for Money so you can be a blessing to people around you.

If you don't build ur faith, doubt will set in and cause untold tragedies.

Learn to Document Instructions every day

Make up videos, journals that documents instructions

Sculpture the environment to work for you and energize your work.

Document Pictures of people who inspire you

Have Music and stuff that positivly inspire you.

Move out
Throw out
Delete the stuff that does not inspire you

Be around people that inspire you and never allow people who do not energize you to be around.

Whose Joy ¤ matters to you? That's how you know your assignment.

People who matter to you watch you carefully and protect you, so becareful and watch those who don't look out for you.

Be around people who knows DIFFERENCEs and Energizes your person.

You have know Idea how God will bless you if you knew how to act.

Its important you allow people who have the right Values be around & intune with you.

Choose VALUE and INTEGRITY over great or good looks

Never sow seed without telling it where to go and what to produce.

Learn how to be a great receiver, don't be shy to receive...

Solve problems where ever you should and CAN, It CREATES FAVOUR for you.

The annointing you respect is the annointing that is resident in your life.

Serve, sow and appreciate then you have tapped into the grace and annointing of the one you sowed into.

If you KEEP what you have its your HARVEST and If you SOW it, it becomes your SEED for another HARVEST.

Always recognise differences in MOMENTS.

take care... moi

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