Thursday, 23 August 2012

Nigeria, oh Nigeria !!! Dear Mother land.... Is it not time?

Nigeria:  a country birthed out of the generosity of God to the human race became entrenched into the hullabaloos of colonialism...

Following amalgamations and redefinitions
Independence was attained on the 1st October 1960 via the struggles and hassles of a distinct brand of persons who came together to see this take place
Independence did not come without a price ad this price was not the shedding g of blood before, during ad eve after the independence which >
Nigeria like every country has had  her own fair share of  civil strife , civil wars , developmental hiccups and ‘coup de tats’ which most  developing nations are known for .

Our Nigeria
My Nigeria is greater than any single individual and will remain so we must not let the actions of a few people deter us from doing what we SHOULD do as citizens
Where in the world has CHANGE, reformation and unrelenting but peaceful societal reclamations from the doldrums of poverty and  high echelons  of  corruption ever started from the popular group, the affluent or the majority?

POSITIVE CHANGE should start from YOU and me
From US without attempting to throw around blames
We do not always have to agree on everly issue but there is the need to agree on the fact that NIGERIA is a greater country that we think it is and it is GREATER than any of US living, dead or existing.
NIGERIA is God’s gift to us and a platform to impart our generation positively and leave them with a lasting legacy....

AS I refrain from further writing seeing that the people who read this write ups are smart people who have already got the message I can only hope and admonish that:

Our leaders will cease for managing and milking us but start leading us right as a few have done in time past.

Our youths should not only cry foul they should ‘’engage’’ in positive nation building enterprise which starts from them, their family, organisation, society and the nation.

Our religious leaders should FOCUS more o ‘’BEING’’ ahead of BECOMING. It is only a man who has the ideals and character of God that can LEAD right and be a good citizen.

Our  ‘’foreign allies’’ and or the developed nations should also curb, control, deal with ad remove the log of wood from their own eyes seeing g that they are the ones who still supply this ammunitions, drugs and even  partner in Money Laundering activities etc... And even hatch developed crimes that has passed on to us [e.g. is terrorism] [Africa was famous for witchcraft, remote control etc... not terrorism]

If Nigeria’ challenges are systemic, who runs the systems?
If it is a human capital problem who is training or leading the human capital?
If it is leadership issue, who is electing or allowing the leadership to be?
If it is an electorate issue, who are the electorates?
Are we not all part of the little pieces that has become the problem?

Be the Solution to the problem where you are...  
Let’s all begin like this... SOLVING PROBLEMS from our WARDS, societies and FAMILY   
                                                                                                                              i Rise... Banjo ORE

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