Friday, 17 August 2012

Enough is enough... Abeg !!!

The Nigerian Police versus the Police...      

As I journey thru. the landscape of Nigeria, I came upon a lone Patrol of Nigerian Police Hilux vehicle with few men seating down loungingly. Underneath a thatched hut with head warmers atop their black on black uniform.
And am like...
Is there really a course in the Nigerian Police College called the Anatomy of Corruption or maybe Corruption 101? ...And sadly I shook my head and surprised myself... because I do not agree again that it is the Police in Nigeria that is bad...
Rather have we taken a look at that phrase [The Nigerian Police]   
henhen, ‘’this na grammar issue now’’,


So, which one came first
EGG or THE Chicken?
Nigeria or the Nigerian Police?

Was corruption not weaved as a fabric into the cloth that covers our society
And was not the heart, constitution and political machinery that birth all this organs of Government and Law enforcement agencies soaked in corruption?

Are we not blowing the head OFF a body because of the bad tooth in the buccal cavity of the body?

Is our problem not SYSTEMIC rather than from a particular agency? 

Have you & I NEVER attempted to fast track services rendered to us via our wanting to activate a long legged associate or system?

I had rather we all take a look at the chequered pavements of our mortality and see how we have tainted the good pure life around us with the faulty and rusty channels that feed the faucets of our minds hence hurting the people around us hence the society at large.

As I seat here in this commuter bus gazing intermittently at the landscape and horizons of Nigeria, all I can think of is...

How CAN our GENERATION do better?          

Nigeria we hail thee our own their native land
Though Tribe and tongue may be differ
In Brotherhood we stand...
Nigeriaaa, am proud to serve
our sovereign father land.

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