Monday, 20 August 2012

Bam bia la.. asiri ya bo,,,

In what way are you bambialying in your life?
    • Several years ago while in d university... several beggars will come to the private lodgings I stay to ask for money and they do this wit a very good attitude and with beautiful song renditions...

      Most of us know this songs, it sounds like...        

    • Give me kobo
      Give me naira
      Allah ko ni tu aisiri 2X
      Asiri abo
      Nagodey Allah
      Bambiala... and it goes on

      While all this is going on we will sometimes dance with them, make merry and give them something [if its a buoyant student season]

      Most of the people in Nigeria have this same mindset,
      Bambialaing their way into favour and position.

      This is not a very good way of achieving the right results as a Nation or a Family.
      Sychophanting and / or lobbying discredits and tones down diligence, hard work and integrity.

      We are building for today and not for tomorrow; we should not pass this anti work culture to our children and their generation.
      Has it not bothered you that most of the men we have now do not get married until they are in their 30s whilst our forefathers got married earlier. Don't let us be too quick to say that their own time was better because every generation has its own challenges.

      We have the GSM and Fast vehicles now plus Crude oil that we are almost killing each for but they had Agriculture and basic commerce with teaching being a respectable profession then.
      They were not bam bialas then? Were they? If they were some of them will not fight for the independence of  Nigeria or even the civil war will not occur if they all agreed to beg for food, security etc...

      It is time for you and I to stop lobbying for posts, beg for the American visa, seek to be an Oil dealer cos. of subsidy kickbacks, go after a felled petroleum tanker to siphon premium motor spirit and the list of what we do with wrong motives and mindset is endless.   

      Be COMPETENT at whatever you say you do, there is still DIGNITY in labour.
      STOP running abroad to end up marrying Grandmas as a way of securing stays and green cards. etc...
Discover what to do,
Master it,
then commercialize it...

and believe me living off people like a parasite is not the best. 

There is more DIGNITY in WORKing for your own WELFARE...    

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  1. Gboa! That was the BOMB, definitely not the Boko Haram Bomb. The NIGERIA of time Past hasn't CHANGED in its transformational strategies and resourcefulness, not at all, it is we NIGERIANS ourselves that have CHANGED. Wrong Attitude to things, our NATIONAL VALUES and GOALS have crippled us all and left us helplessly begging on the street that we ourselves constructed to ply us to greatness. NIGERIA AS A NATION ISN'T CRIPPLED. We are rich in all resources. We are not physically crippled, yet we beg for almost everything. THIS MOST CHANGE BUT KNOW THAT IT STARTS WITH YOU AND I.