Friday, 27 July 2012

You wish... I wish.... they will wish?

I wish R.ha..a  was not such a bad example
But then you wish I would understand that she is not
Then I wish she would not have to expose so much of her privacy to the public
And you will wish I understand that its to make her popular
but then did Oprah have to reveal anything to be this popular

You wish I will just stop trying to be a great writer
But then I wish you would understand that I do not try to be great: cos greatness is already within
So you wish that you could understand all the hype I raise about stuff
But then I wish you will know its not all about you

I wish Obama will now tell us how much change he has brought to the USA
So that you could stop wishing he was never there in the first place
SO I wish for you to wear his cap
That you might wish you had never desired to be there in the first place

I wish,
and wishing I had something better to write,
So that you could wish you had never stopped to read this
The only last wish I could wish you
Is so that you wish you could figure me out

So if wishes were ATM master PINS
Lazy people will wish they had never gone thru the stress of getting a Job
Wish that I could wish
That your wish will not always end up a wish
Because NO one who will ever ride a horse that was borne out of a wish.
Next time you catch them wishing
Your only wish should be their ending up well.

I wish to wish you well
But then you will only get what you have wished yourself

TROEM......  Banjo ORE

 NB: Is this an arrant gobbledygook gibberishious and poppycock balderdash? Or another unsanctioned creativity that is put down now but ends up being celebrated to the chagrin of the people who put it down in the first place

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  1. Learnt that the Companies that use for their endorsements are already backing out...
    hmmm in the end.. bad things dont and wont last...

    Contribute positive stuff.
    The world is in need of saviors [mentors]