Monday, 23 July 2012

i RISE... my faith does not depend on YOU

No man will ever raise you beyond his own disposition so it can be foolhardy to put one's trust in man but we must also be careful not to despise the fact that God uses people for our elevation.
However you must have a correct perspective on life for you to know and beleive that things are working and moving in your favor even when it appears that it is not.

Encouragements , affirmations  and human approvals must all be put in the correct perspective.
People will encourage you and you will feel the need to be affirmed and approved by other people but this must not all be done without YOU believing in yourself. No matter the level of encouragement you are given if you do not have the believe in you that ''YOU CAN'' things will not happen the way it should in yopur favor.

You must have a self generating set in you and it should always be in automatic mode so that when the light goes out on your emotions or confidence it automatically kicks in to buffer you up.

CONFIDENCE will come from doing the things that you have passion for and are good at doing but should in case the confidence does not come as early as you expect keep at it until it comes, BUT:
Never overvalue yourself in the things that you have not been wired to do and likewise it will not be wise for you to KEEP UNDER-VALUEING yourself in the areas of your sanity... [read my ealrier post on DEALING WITH YOUR INSANITIES] .

Your fears are afraid of you...
BE all you can.

Look up to God mostly
look up to Jesus
On whom your FAITH depends [surely your faith does not depend on your parents, friends or mentors]

Keep keeping ON..
start walking with a bounce,

I RISE.....

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