Thursday, 5 July 2012

Clarifications... a meaningful one.

meself surfing the sun
I like to understand that a blog is an electronic journal or diary of a kind...  This blog, is not a gossip , entertainment or any of those kind of blogs people will want to get to read everyday for the latest gists in town. I am not ashamed that I do not update it everyday because I will hate to do cut and paste or siphon articles from other blogs or something. Hence do not be disappointed when you get here and you find out that I have not posted... This things take time besides its not how many times I can post or have posted but have I really posted what will change a life for the better? 

However, stay tuned and do check this blog every week [at least]. I call it my adrenaline journals because I enjoy updating the blog when I feel or get into that adenaline rush and am excited about something[you know what I mean now] and to answer yuor question again, YES I do all the posts and writing myself, not that its a big deal but considering that I am happily married with children, have to update my facebook everyday, have 4 other pages on facebook to update, 2 F.B accounts, and other social sites plus all the wonder goodies I have subscribed for via my email etc.. Not to forget that I have to read other people,s blog, websites and the likes. Do I read gossips? well NO and Yes. No because I do not look for gossips to digest and YES because I find myself on gossip blogs as I surf the net.
So you see thats a bit of what I do and that I believe is what I should be doing because I find the online experience rewarding as its the next , new and present platform to achieve global excellence but really to ACHIEVE showing forth HIS praise.

Got to stop now because once I start writing it can be difficult to stop. A Confession [yesterday when my PAstor was preaching in church, I was busy on my phone for like 50 minutes] his message was so inspiring that it made me do stuff with my head, heart and hands. so you see there I go again. okay stop writing now.
So last words... I realy gat to stop writing casue the last word can be longggggg and take time..

Stopp writinnnnnnnnnnnn urghhhhhhhhhh
[dis was done in a ruch as I prepare to go to churchhh, 7 days of Gloryyy]
stop writinggggggggggggggggggggggg haaaaaa

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