Sunday, 3 June 2012

Don’t Fall in love with a Monster [a must read to all ladies and the men that love them]

Am sure you have watched the film Beauty and the Beast? it was a kind of folktale that has been repackaged into movies and cartoons but the truth and reality is that we have modern day reenactments of the ‘’beauty and the beast’’ the only difference is that the beasts we have now are actually men that are beasts in their demeanor, mannerism, character etc…
Am I attempting to take sides with the female folks?  Yes I am doing just that especially here in Africa. The society here [Africa] is fashioned and run in such a way as not to favor our female folks. There are more crimes against them in this part of the world and there are only archaic laws to protect them but where there are laws the machinery of implementation is always sometimes influenced negatively by religion, politics or just plain lethargy.
So the crux of the matter is that some of us have sisters, daughters, friends and acquaintances that might one day get attached to a man or cross the path of the male folk and I should quickly add that not all men are wicked, manner less and of course not all our female are beyond reproach too; but it has still got to be mentioned all the same that as a lady be careful that you do not fall in love with a monster.

Who is a monster?
The man who hits his wife or fiancée
The man who cheats on his wife and family
The man who mortgages the life of his family on some ephemeral game, [gambling and the likes]
and so on and so forth.

It is a misnomer for you to trust the chemistry you feel for a person and base your judgment on that alone as a measure and means of deciding to marry the person, emotion is actually a bad leader and it will help lead to relational ‘’doom’ but the emotion can also be a good leader because it can come in handy where we need to be compassionate.
Love is not usually healthy and will not blossom well when the object to which it is been directed is a monster. Am sure we have head numerous stories about animals killing their trainers, well its not because the animals are wicked  or not properly trained but its because the nature of the Animal is to kill regardless of who took care of it from babyhood. Therefore you must know that your love for someone might not actually prevent that person from hitting you or doing any of the really bad things people do to their spouses.
So be careful, less you marry a monster spouse and waste your love energy on the wrong person
 [YES I believe that true and absolute love changes the hardened hearts, but people have lost their lives in this process. Will you want to go through with being the savior of a monster? If NO then strategize well]
People who have genuinely loved but end up being disappointed have remained influenced in such a way that they find it difficult trusting or loving g other people again.

So be careful not to marry a ‘MONSTER’
How do you know a MONSTER? Its another story for another day but you would be wise to ask the person who created your intended or ‘’toaster’’  to  give you a sneak preview of who they really are so as to know if the fellow is a Monster or not...

Well, life is too short living it correcting the mistakes that were made in the bid to enjoy life itself.
Enjoy your life and surround yourself with people who will bring out the best in you.


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