Sunday, 10 June 2012

Dealing with my INSANITY

Several people have said insanity is doing same thing and expecting a different result every time. Albert Einstein puts it like this “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results".

Going straight to the point on this issue is to let you know that I have long dealt with my insanity but the problem is that we all have different kinds of Insanities just like me, I am still dealing with  very few.
The other day I sat on the keyboard to play a few notes and sing like I always do but I found out that much as I would like to sing and relax I increasingly found it difficult playing the keyboard, not because I cannot learn more notes and improve my skills but it does not appeal to me like before again to seat and play it.

So I began to evaluate myself this past few weeks and I have now drawn a line between my sanity and Insanities.
What are Insanities you may ask? Well those things I throw all my efforts in but end up frustrating me or do not produce what I actually expect to gain from indulging in the task are my insanities.
So some of my Insanities that I have discovered and severed from my mind and life and it will never get an ounce or second of my effort again are:[most of them never even got my attention in the first place]

Albert Einstein
Becoming a Professional Wrestler
Security Man
Military Personnel
Medical Personnel
Police man
Plant Biologist
Nuclear Researcher
Etc. Etc etc.......

Computer Repairer
Phone Operator
Recording Artist
Human Right Activist
...and several other beautiful career options

So when are you going to start dealing with your Insanities.

When you trim off the fat from off your schedule and career you begin to get more FOCUSED on what you ought to do in life and FOCUS will always help to bring forth more productivity.

You actually deserve where you are NOW because this is where your diligence and kind of career have purchased for you; thus far.

If you are DIS-SATISFIED with where you are, it’s time to shun INSANITY and pursue SANITY
Who would retain a losing team and INEFFECTIVE STRATEGIES?

Get Going
Be the best of what you have been wired to be///

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