Saturday, 11 February 2012

The ONE SECRET of sucess you need to know...

The one secret of success we all need to know is that...
There is just no one BIG SECRET to success.
Yep... there you have it.
There are a variety of stuff and things that needs to be done and put in place for us to achieve success, and it must quickly be said here that success is relative to each person. What or who one value as a success might just be a flash in the pan or a phony? So there is the need for us to put the word SUCESS in the correct perspective.
For you to be a success it means you are the 'alpha dominance' in your sector... below are the seven attributes a would be effective leader should have in his/her life:                                               See if you can add other attributes to it.
  • Vision
  • Communication
  • People Skills
  • Character
  • Communication skills
  • Courage / Bravery
  • Servitude
Have you ever seen a visionary leader that is not serviceable? And of course you would have seen many of our leaders that can speak so much grammar but lack the character and people skills to follow it through.
Think about this and work this seven attributes into your life...

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