Wednesday, 21 December 2011

how to know if you are having an affair?!….

Am sure you are like, NO I dint mean to title this article as captioned above ?

Well I do really mean it and for the records I will state it again
“How to know you are having an affair”

One big problem we all have as human being is DENIAL
We often don’t want to agree that we are who we really are hence we proclaim what we think we are.
The Character is deeper and has the real DNA of who you really are than your REPUTATION.
 Before you quickly write this off as another attention getter… please answer these questions--

  • Do you normally notice your flaws first or your spouse has to tell you?
  • How many times have you been told that you don’t flush the toilet completely after use?
  • Have you ever typeset any Job on your Laptop, prove read it only for your boss to point out your typo. errors
  • How often have you bashed your car?
  • And em... have you ever forgot your phone somewhere before or even in the shoes closet and have to use your spouse/partner, s phone to blip it out?
The list of our flaws is so many but we do not admit to ourselves that we make such flaws. Have you not heard or seen several Presidents or Leaders being charged with war crimes , genocides, corruption, bad team selections etc.. Only for them to say after the damage had been done that they didn’t know as at the time they gave the orders or executed the policy?

Funny how we just won’t admit our mistakes? But the good side to all this is that some world class leaders will just never promote or give anybody a chance that has never made mistake[s] in their career[s].
Denial [disagree, denounce, reject etc...] is something that could plague anybody and the level of its application should be considered from deferent perspective [spiritual, Legal, Moral, Academics] etc...

YES -:
NO -:

Of cos you know what an affair is:  secretly having an [EBA] Emotional Bank Account with someone who is not your spouse /or intended? 

There are even career affairs? Isn’t it the reasons why people sign “company” OATH of allegiance and even most Banks/Financial Institutions won’t allow their staff to carry out personal transactions with other Banks? [You don’t believe?]

Well so are you having an Affair? Or FLIRTING around ???!!!

How to know you are?

1.      If you continually  inbox someone on facebook with sexy stuff
2.      You are quick to delete the other person’s text on your phone so that your partner will not see it
3.      If you are married: you sometimes imagine you are making love with the other fellow while with your spouse
4.      You remove large chunks of money from [you know where] and you don’t want to tell your spouse what the money was used for [you actually spent the money on that other person]
5.      Your heart races , your tones drop and you go all mellow when on the phone with this other person
6.      If you KISS the other person
7.      You have sex
8.      You only Romance
9.      You constantly do a squeeze of hands because there is no time and space to express
10.  TEXT MESSAGES that a third eye cant see
11.  Phone sex [you know now] all those speech that gets get you all worked up and em…

I  Just have 11 points [these are not internet searched or cut and paste points] YES, they are points that have been experienced. [By who?] YES... by YOU of cos lol
Oh well, maybe am not experienced enough to give more points, maybe you want to help out here?

Lets have what you think please.

BOTTOM-LINE: Its very wrong, sinful and damaging to indulge or have any form of affair or flirtatious attitudes towards one who you are not MARRIED to…..


Be responsible…

Banjo ORE

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