Monday, 7 November 2011

Are you looking for a Job?

...I dislike arrogant people and certainly will never give a corky person the opportunity to work for me or be recommended by me for an organisation.
Most job seekers think they can simply pick up a job via swaggers and gingered up sweet talks [whatever that is] be sure to know that Organisations are not stupid hence they have employed great talent and character Judge as their Personnel / Human resource managers etc... and this and other relevantly talented people are the ones that are normally on interview panels.
Therefore it takes more than a shiny suit and sweet talks to get a Job.
Being Appointable is different from being  employed, until  you get a letter of appointment, training, orientation, a point disseminating your service and of course a salary/commission or any other agreed forms of payment from the Job you were offered then you have not been GAINFULLY employed.
There are of course so many things employers look for and are interested in, believe me its not the way your curriculum vitae appears or looks like [your CV and other stuff might fetch you an interview but it takes more to secure the Job for you]
One basic thing that a potential employer will look out for is how valuable:
1.       The Potential employee thinks he/she will be to the Employer
2.       How Valuable the Employer thinks the potential employee will be to their business

So in a nut shell, the next time you are called for an interview don’t go telling them you have an upper class, best in your class and all the ‘’brainiac’’ stuff we flaunt in front of our friends but let the organisation know what you will be adding , contributing and bringing to their fold when and if employed.
Let them see you as another ‘’Lionel Messi’’ who will give them hat tricks after hat tricks.
Let them perceive you as their meal ticket.

Come to think of it: as a Job seeker...
                Why should we employ you?  

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