Sunday, 16 October 2011

Still on Communications...

A lot of us have read books, watched films and attended conferences where you were taught on how to communicate with people in your life and around/within your society. These skills have helped and is still helping so many of us in our day to day activities.

But... please note that people differ from place to place and because we have all passed through different backgrounds we are all different from the next person that we meet, hence because of this we should be careful the way we try to dispense our communication skills to the next person we come across.

So here is a little advice..
Try study the people you meet on a daily basis and then try relate with them based on what you perceive about them in such a way that you do not hurt their feelings / ego.
Its good to have skills but not all our skills meet the needs of people as some people can SNIFF out your pretense or diplomatism...

If you must communicate , do it well and sometimes it does not have to be on your own terms////
Never force people to commune with you on your own terms particularly when they are people you are just meeting.

One of my favorite inspired thoughts is:
men have mastered the art of deception hence first impressions should no longer count [Banjo ORE]

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