Sunday, 16 October 2011

List three jobs you'd consider pursuing if money didn't matter?

Most of us and all of us know what it means to have more money in our kitty/// hmmm , with few billions , I could buy me some Island where people could come and be trained in all aspect of life with world class trainers and Global Facilitators being there to do the honors...
I mean think of coming for a vacation and still gettitng back to your station all loaded up with stuff///
and men , How I would love to get those my dream cars... [A Bentley and Rolls Royce inclusive] and emmm...

Am sure you get my point.... but in this game of life and destiny we should not do what we feel like doing but do what we are created and wired to do.

Its important to know that majority of the worlds,s population [workforce] are not doing what they would really love to do hence they go after MONEY... and how many times have you lost a promising Job because the money was not right?

So not to prolong this issue, I would want you to list out three Jobs you will consider pursuing if money didn't matter.
If you can please do that right in this forum or just do that on your own and see how it goes...

How ever be sure that you don't choose MONEY over what you actually love so that you don't live with the frustrations of  unfulfillment....

hmm three Jobs I would love to do if money didn't matter?
waiting to read from you.

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