Friday, 21 October 2011

Avoiding Failure...

It is so easy to avoid being a failure when you know what you are doing///
and it is freaking so true that we all fail because we do not know what we are doing as at when we did whatever we did.

Sometimes I pinch myself really hard for not doing what I should have done to get the result I needed to get, I mean why did I not statrt blogging two years ago even when I had the where withalls?
why am I not making money online now even when there are so many online coaches that are ready to teach me for free?
It is important to also note that you would not have success in every aspect of life... you might be multitalented but that does not exclude you from ''Failing' in other sectors. I will be such a failure if I decide to be a wrestler and 'contend with Randy Orton, I am so going to be a cadavar.

Anyway, so many people are failing and will be constant, continuous failures as a result of trying to succeed in an area where they have not been wired for [its so hard being a success in an area where you are not passioned in]. Anyway I better get off this track because some might start saying ''well, I am not a trained cheff, but I own chains of restaurant'' haa.. and all I am going to tell them is that if you are seriously wired to be a business man then you can even buy Jupiter and sell if off in chunks to the kids form Mars.

three things strike me:
1. KNOW WHERE YOU ARE GOING IN LIFE [have the big picture]
2. CHOOSE YOUR VEHICLES...[how to achieve the vision]
oh well most of us have started before even knowing the vision or vehicles and this explains for all the hiccups on the road to success.

let me know what you think about this article....
keep on keeping on

Banjo ORE

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