Saturday, 17 September 2011

Prevent the Trauma of a Painfull Marraige.....choose well now !!!

I have stopped believing everything I read , see in tabloids’ and films because they have all been packaged to deceive... its so shocking to know that most of the people who are like role models and celebrities in the society are not finding things funny in their lives as most of them are breaking up and giving out etc… and all this have a not too good effect on the society.
Mention them...???
Liz T [married over 5 times]
Donald T. [divorce over 4 times]
Anthony R. [divorced once]
Jean Claude V. [divorced over 3 times]
Arnold S. [Divorced]
And just because you don’t often hear this in Africa does not mean that stuff do not go on... We just don’t flaunt it. [And of cos it is happening in Hollywood and Yorubawood too] and slowly creeping into the church HERE in Nigeria.
My intention is not to archive and rub salt into injuries here, but to let you know that you need to MAKE RELATIONAL CHOICES WELL and URGENTLY too…

''I love him and I think he does too'' is no longer a good basis for Marriage..
  • Hmmm, I love him but he only snorts cocaine...
  • I love her but she insists we make love to ascertain that we are compatible in bed cos she says she has a large appetite for that hence she wants to make sure… [These are all issues you,v gat to put your feet down on hard and WISELY]
And incase you are like... “well he’s gat to have a Bentley then what ever happened to Princess D. and Prince C.? they had all the Bentleys but?
And if you DECIDE wrongly in MARRIAGE, then I guess…. You will go through the Trauma alone... so the ball is in your court…
But if you have already decided wrongly but not yet married then retrace your step [as in BACK OUT]

Wishing you well…
Banjo ORE

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