Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Simple ways of discovering your gifts and talent…

     Simple ways of discovering your gifts and talent…
·         What has God told you
·         What do people come to me the most for?
·         What do I like doing naturally that I can offer to do for free because I enjoy doing it?
·         What kind of books, films, programs, magazine articles etc… do I like? It can help show my areas of passion.
·         Who are my Heroes and what do they do that I have day dreamed about doing?
·         What have I dreamt or have a vision of doing over and over again
·         What has the Mentors /Father figure  etc…  in your Life constantly mention that is your strong point
·         What are the things that gets you angry in the society, environment etc… this maybe what you have been called/wired to change.
·         Surely God through His servants and mouthpiece[s] is saying / can say or has said something to you before.
·         Where are you now? What are you doing easily now? Grow it in commercial quantity…

Oh well… trust this has equipped somebody/// do share with us other tips or practical personal experience[s] you have had.

Banjo ORE…

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