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Oh God my breasts are ready for my husband... Help Me [TRUE LIFE STORY]

NB: This was sent to me by a friend who happens to be the friend of the author of the story below… I was given the express permission to publish and make it public…
Enjoy reading, learn from it, drop a line of counsel if you have one but please no swaggerlicious lines pleassssss [you know what I mean]

Enjoy reading, learn from it, drop a line of counsel if you have one but please no swaggerlicious lines pleassssss [you know what I mean]

·       My Life: My True Living Current  Story
I am everyman’s dream for a wife or let me also put it this way I should be everyman’s dream when it comes to finding a wife. I am a chartered Accountant with a degree in Economics which I got from the Prestigious and Foremost Nigerian University. And of course I work in an Oil servicing firm with opportunities all around me topped with the great Fact that I serve and still intend in serving a living God. In my busy schedule I still find the time to be My Pastors head of protocol in church and one of the Home cell leaders. All this you will think is to my advantage and yes they are and they should but at  34 I am having a faint doubt and the reason to believe that are not all these these things I have enumerated above working against me?
 Cutting down the cackles: I am still not married and am very much ready. Yes I live alone with two of my church department ladies, all still in the universities and yes I live in a big house [4 bed roomed ensuite] but surely this can’t be driving away the so called church brothers because they don’t even know my house for starters so…
Anyway , its not as if  I have not been in a relationship before and trust me I am not a virgin [ my flower was broken in my 200 level in the university by my so called first love who ended up being rusticated from the school for Exam related malpractices] of course we broke up and not in touch. I kept myself till now, no man has ever seen the top of my panties not to even talk of my bra… the closest any man came to touching me was a deep kiss I received from Elliot my Banker wanna be husband.
He was of same age as I am and a Christian but sex loving person, yes we became friends and soon the whole church knew we were courting with my Pastor’s consent of course and we courted for 3 years because he said he had to complete his partime PHD degree in financial something from the USA before we could settle down. Anyway we both agreed not to make love until the first night but this didn’t stop him from constantly trying to sleep with me.
One time after there Bank’s annual AGM banquet meeting he was taking me home enroute his place and we took along some wine from the Banquet, he invited me in and I declined so he ran inside to as he said it ‘’’use the loo’ eventually after waiting in the car for 25minutes I stepped in and he apologized that he had to settle some issues on phone with his parents after the loo, so I sat down and he poured out some wine for me [I thought it was a fruit wine as he called it]Long story short, in no time I became tipsy and he came at me and….. [That is where I got the deep kiss from] I of course enjoyed the kiss and the feel of his hands on my hips and neck [he didn’t touch my bust, I refused] He pressed me for sex that night and one thing led to the other, I slept in his house because it was running late but I NEVER MADE LOVE WITH HIM cos we never went past the Deep Kisses which actually went on till 3am went we slept off in the parlor
The next day was a Saturday and we had a long talk where he revealed that he gave me the wine on purpose so as to help me get along with the flow, he wanted me to make love with him and he said he wanted to find out if:
I love him
We are compatible in bed etc…
My God, am like, you… Elliot building committee trustee and able born again brother, that was the faceoff that eventually led to the break up of out three years courtship [we had to break up because he continually disturbed me for smooching, sex and deep kissing, and believe me those kissings were like sleeping pills for me] So we had to break up and of course I told my Pastor about it.
That was over three years ago and am still trying to choose who to marry now [I am not searching]
1.       Prince Adeniyi is a would be suitor but he is a widower with two tennage children but girls and he is about 55yrs old and a business man who recently joined out church. My Pastors know him but I am like 21yrs age difference and with two Teenage Girls meaning I will be their Mummy?
2.       Albert, A nice amiable young man who is also a very good sound Christian, he is a virgin both he is 7 years my junior. He wants to marry me but our age difference. Ye she works with a construction firm [J.B] as a trainee manager. Will he cope with my career and maturity? I love him of course but I have learnt that Love alone does not make your marriage works; you need commonsense and Godly wisdom.

These are the two serious people in my life right now and please don’t tell me about Love as in who do I love the most. Because at 34 I almost don’t understand what true Love is again.

Because with the way Elders even preach marriage now…. Emm receive from God, what is God saying, confirmation from Pastors, Parents own perspectives too and several other societal norms [age of the woman and man, family, tribe].

Am writing this because:
I want people to Identify with me
Pray for me
Give a word of counsel [My Pastor a true Man of God is careful about this]

I am sick and tired of not knowing who to marry.
I have money , a good Job, a nice family [my mum is dead and dad has remarried her friend] a good Christian life etc… sometimes I am tempted to be a single mum [but I cant] or I wonder at times why I am not a Rev. Sister so I wont need to get married.

Oh God , My breasts are ready for my man , I have kept it for him and I just prophesy to it atimes that Only my Husband will drink from my breast and my Children.


Cynthia  James [not real name]

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