Saturday, 4 June 2011


chaos as you would know is a disorderly condition and confusion

which might afflict individuals and organizations at one particular time or the other

But then:

remaining in this chaotic condition longer than permitted is the object of my concern

...then it was Chaotic and the spirit of the Lord moved over it etc...

some people never recover from chaos...

relationship, business, integrity, personality disorders and all forms of Chaotic Lifestyle and corporate issues..

Maybe you are permitting it... if not you will get up and get goin

settling the issues and chaotic situations at all cost..

all the issues [single parenthood, divorce, separations , bachelorhood, spinsterhood, indecent relationships, drugs, mundane living, average living, abortions of your vision, old habits that wont die... ] are all chaotic situations

I got mine you know...

you,v got yours

our mentors and fathers have got theirs

we,v all got ours...

Chaotic issues..


Japan cleaned up after Hiroshima

South Africa cleaned up after the apartheid

Bill Clinton owned up and cleaned up after the Affair

Hilary Clinton yoked up with Obama after the primary

For how long will you tuck your head under?

ME: am dealing with the chaotic issues in my life

Am letting UNPRODUCTIVE and unnecessary relationships go

[if am not following you and 'shenking' you]

then maybe ..... I am not seeing what will help take out my little chaos

little foxes you might call them

or electrical sparks that burns off organizational results

maybe its something else to you

Deal with it...

before you become a battering ram for the chaotic issues

It was once said that a great warrior cried

because there were no nation for him to defeat again[he had defeated all known nations]

what will be your story

what will you EPITAPH read like?

He came ,was rattled even though he tried ... he remain conquered...


He is still TODAY one of THE GREATEST........ [you know what it will be?]


Guess where they are made????

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