Saturday, 7 May 2011

Your Story.. Exposed!!!

they saunter around in polished shoes, bags and stuff...
shinning suits like the armor of God
stuffed up wallet like casinos
I pads,pods and A class gadgets like astronauts

and there you are: coat like a parachute
purses like an igbanun
munching by the road side
gazing at the skyscrapers

BUT: dnt get it twisted
you have a vision
they only look at the television

you discovered a purpose
they discovered the highest paying jobs

you started digging your well
they prefered to buffet all over the globe

you bought a plot of land
they dwelled in company estates

you had to defer enjoyment
they prefer fringe benefits

you endured all the pressure
they cushioned by way of facilities

you attract committed followership
they get capital inclined associates

you get people who could die for you
they get people who wished them dead

you develop street sense in all these
they earn book sense in all there own

and there came a great storm called recession
but you had always mastered the pressure...

the wind blew and the fringe benefits disappeared
the wind blew and the facilities swallowed up the collateral
still it blew and the associates took over...

but they heard you were looking for a book keeper
and there you gave them a job...
mentoring some who had potential stuff in them...

Still, your days of tilling didn't end in vain...

you laughed last !!!

will you also......... Laugh last?!

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