Saturday, 21 May 2011


Dear Friend,

When challenges bring positive opportunities our ways, we are, naturally, meant to go through those challenges with positive attitude, and take those opportunities with passion, motivation and drive.

However, these challenges and opportunities, more often than not, take us by surprise, either because we are not prepared for them or because we lack the wherewithal to face them heads- on. In other words, we often lack the necessary ideas and workable solutions required to lift us out of the quagmire of challenges we find ourselves in.

We also lack the foresight and insight to recognize and take advantage of those opportunities which disguise themselves as challenges.

Most challenges and opportunities bring out the creativity in every one of us. Like they say, necessity is the mother of invention, and if you’d ask me, I’d add that creativity is the father of innovation!

The paradox here is that great ideas are brought to the fore by man when he is most challenged by specific needs and phenomena. In other to meet the vagaries and exigencies of life, man has brought out ground-breaking inventions and innovations in science, politics, the humanities, and the arts, by unleashing the innate potentials he possesses.


How do you explain it when you get thrown into impossible circumstances or difficult challenges, yet you came out them better than before? Or just when you thought the whole world was on your shoulders, how you got the insight to manage the situation, and even became stronger and more experienced to encourage those who go through similar circumstances?

Is it a wonder that, most often than not, your MOUNTAIN presents a more effective platform for your MINISTRY?

Better still, you ask yourself why ideas and solutions seem to spring up from nowhere when you needed them most.

The crux of the matter is that you have been designed and wired with a unique and creative mental faculty in which ideas and solutions are packaged. And the good news is that God also empowers you with the freedom to dominate your challenges and opportunities with innovative ideas and inventive solutions.

In other words, highly effective ideas make the difference between success and failure in times of challenges and opportunities.


I have observed that highly effective ideas have five (5) common traits or characteristics which made them unique, realistic and influential. These ideas are:


Martin Luther King, Jr. had a dream of an America where whites, blacks, and coloureds would live, learn, love and lead based not on their skin colours but on their inner convictions and personal aspirations in line with the societal good. His idea has inspired a lot of Americans to live and pursue their dreams.


The most powerful and most influential idea in the world is the idea which can provoke others to dream of success, aspire for success and impacting lives positively.


When Bill Gates declared that he intended to empower the average American by putting a personal computer in every home, few believed him. Nowadays, computer technology has weaved itself into every fabric of human life.


An articulate idea has focus, depth and foresight, coupled with conciseness, realistic goals, aims and objectives, and a dynamic framework for adaptability, creativity, innovation and improvement.


An idea is as useful as its usefulness! The world would laud and accept your idea if it is solutions-based and values-oriented. Facebook grew in popularity over a few years because it’s connecting millions of people every second!


There is greatness in every one of us. There is an idea in you waiting to be unleashed. Every challenge you go through brings with it opportunities for success. And the key to every opportunity is an idea. But every potentially effective idea must be

Divinely motivational,
Articulate, and

Commenting on the power of ideas, Lord Chesterfield said, “There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world; and that is an IDEA whose time has come.”

How long will you keep the world waiting?

Your friend,

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