Saturday, 21 May 2011

How much longer before unemploymnent gets to you?

You wake up 4am because I have to get to the island
close up 9pm because I have to close up my operations
get home 11pm because I get held up in the traffic
become estranged from my family because I work so hard to take care of them 

Over 140 million people
Over 10 million people unemployed
But will that be a good reason
To leave my life in the hands of corporate bureaucracies

Entry level is now sultry level
Management Level is a far cry from achievement level
Targets to meet, clients to psyche, vaults to fill
Just so that the boards would smile to the...

John was eased out
Femi had an uncle whose deposits gave him security
Martha is paying in kind to remain within
& Jackson though very brilliant relies more on his herbalist uncle

How much longer before the corporate mower gets to me?

How much longer before they get to you?!/////


Think outside the box.

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