Saturday, 21 May 2011

Flush them out....

If and when you are loyal,
you are regardless of who or whatever you face or work with.

When you are loyal and face the temptation of becoming disloyal: Stand your ground or flee where... possible.
There is no point pushing one's tendency to be disloyal on your boss or on a leader.
Innate disloyalty attracts other disloyal people and acquired disloyalty cuts you off.... yes off from whatever benefits it is that is supposed to accrue to you as a result of your being loyal.

Generally speaking disloyal people can be genuinely loyal again:
How? If you are an adult? You should know how....

There is no way for you to escape being stabbed in the chest or the back if you are DISLOYAL....

But if you are saddled or faced with disloyal associates CUT THEM OFF AND FLUSH THEM OUT OF YOUR SYSTEM...
DISLOYAL PEOPLE....slows you down, wind you down, eat into you and generally speaking disloyal people can be ACIDIC...

Are you a disloyal person?
Disloyal:not faithful: showing a lack of faith in or loyalty to somebody or something
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